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Copyright 2018 Woodrow McKane

"Behind the Light" - released Mid 2020.



In the year 1892, the population of Wick in the Far East Highlands of Scotland increased by one. Sadly, the boy, William Cranston, was born both deaf and dumb. Up to the age of three, he was cocooned by love  from a caring family. However, this changed after his third birthday, when he developed an astonishing ability to sketch. Bizarrely, he began drawing the Latin words Ad Lucem – meaning – "The Light" on trees, benches, doors - anywhere around the village the young boy could reach. The community, believing the sketches to be a message from the devil, began to fear his presence. To halt gossip, the church intervened and performed a blessing on the young child. William, severely distressed by these events, ceased drawing. After which life in the village returned to normal, although some folk continued to treat him with some suspicion.

Months later William turned his attentions to carving. Strange marks began to appear around the village. Once again, fearing the unknown people began to chase the boy on sight. Shamed and in turmoil, his family withdrew to Scarth, a bleak island some five miles off the east coast. The carvings continued and so the island became a cursed place as the legend of ‘Devil Will Cranston’ grew, expanded by rumors and hearsay.

On Williams twelfth birthday the carvings stopped but relief for the parents was short lived. For no apparent reason he began to spend his time sleeping. Nothing the family tried could halt this strange habit. Eventually they accepted his ways and so William Cranston slept for around twenty three hours a day until he met with a peculiar death at the age of twenty-one.  It would be a over a century before the Latin words appeared again on the island… but appear they did...