"Behind the Light" - released Mid 2020.


In the year 1712, the population of Wick in the East Highlands of Scotland increased by one…. Sadly, the boy William Cranson was born both deaf and dumb. Up to the age of three his life was cocooned in love and protection from family and friends. However, this changed after his third birthday when he developed a startling ability to carve. Bizarrely, he began cutting the Latin words Mortis Lux - meaning “The Light of Death” into trees, benches, doors and anywhere around the village the young boy could reach.

     The community, believing the carvings to be a message from the devil, began to fear his presence. To halt gossip, the church intervened and performed a blessing on the young child. William, severely distressed by these events ceased carving. Soon after, life in the village returned to normal, although many folk continued to treat him with a mild suspicion.

     Some years later, many locals began to experience dreams, in which they swore William was standing next to them. Fearing the unknown, people began to chase the boy away on sight. Shamed and in mental turmoil, his family withdrew to Scarth, a small, bleak island just a mile off the coast. The locals were placated by the move.

Two months later the Cranson’s travelled to Wick to restock provisions.  The following week many townsfolk began to report that William, once again, appeared in their dreams.The community, now convinced the boy was sent by the devil, turned on the Cranson family and formed a lynch party. Thankfully, order was restored by a priest, who then performed a full exorcism. In addition the landowner signed over the desolate island to the Cranson’s in exchange for the promise that William would never step foot on the mainland again. From that moment onward William began to sleep for over twenty hours each day.

Upon his nineteenth birthday he began to write whilst asleep were upon waking he would then bind the work into a book. His parents, fearing a reaction from the mainland, burnt every copy. Legend claims that William concealed one edition, which was to become known as “The Last Book”. To this day the “book” has not be found.

Two weeks prior to his twentieth birthday, William died rather unexpectedly having slept undisturbed for twenty-six days. It would be centuries before the Latin words appeared again but appear they did.

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