Mack an Sammy (RIP)

My best pals both passed away in early 2016

coffee and a book

Greedy reader


Battle with the Makiwara

Ronnie Colwell

My instructor who kindly lent his character for 'Slayers'!

Ronnie Colwell

Ronnie as a young man as I see him in Slayers

Wife and pals

Pete an Pete

out the door and down the street

Moi and David Richardson



Moi and Sean Connolly

On location with Slayers

The Toilet Block

On location - The Lodge ...

The Lodge

next project

Ed Chatterton

Ed Chatterton it was his novel 'A Dark Place to Die that kick started my writing career.

The greens

Mr David Lewis Richardson

BBC Director and good pal - David has been instrumental in kicking Slayers forward - as such I even tolerate his parrot.

Teaching in 2016 - Liverpool

Loki our Giant Schnauzer Pup

Loki my new pup - love him to bits

Cant beat a hug

Playing a dead man :-(

Extra work - care of David - my bid for the big screen lol

Slayers Final Cover

Slayers of the Dark Web full book cover

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Cant beat a hug