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Writing is a therapy.

Blank page let's begin.

What do I enjoy the most? When I start typing and haven't a clue where the plot is going. Then from somewhere (No idea where) a thread appears.

When I first decided to write a novel I had the opening paragraph and the very last sentence in my head and that was all. All I had to do was fill in the remaining 131k words...!

Note pads were essential as during the day or night new ideas surfaced. During sleep many a time I found myself waking up, jumping out of bed and hitting the PC. Very often this was the birth of some of the most important twists in the plot.

Initially my style was to rush down the idea then go back and edit - a style that my editor disliked. He would shout at me "Take your time, type exactly what your trying to say and make it as simply as possible."

I recall one passage when a detective approached the front door of a suspects house. I described the door, the mat, the brass knocker, the handle etc etc. He deleted around sixty words saying - and I quote. "It's a fu**ing door just go through it!"

All in all my journey has been enjoyable and I hope to continue learning.

A freind asked me why I hadn't written before? Yes I would have liked to but sometimes timing is everything and just now writing fits my life. It's time consuming and can be heavy going when you have a plot line on the boil.

If your thinking about writing - write! All I can say - DO IT!.


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