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Slayers of the Dark Web - Character Names

Who is who in the book?

When I began to write the novel I had already decided to name the characters using friends and family names. Some of the characters within the tale are brutally evil so they were given fictional names. Four names were used as they fitted the role. This left approximately sixteen names. So I penned a list of names then dropped them in a hat. When I came across a new character I drew one out. Sadly some characters were edited out of the final draft - grin, sorry about that. So my friends if your not named my apologies. Its been fun telling people they are in - Eric Glover for instance pulled a cracking part, we had a chuckle when I explained his character. Eric is now boasting he is exactly as this character (disputed) lol.

My Thanks to all who gave their permission

Book two is underway - the draw has already been made :-)


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