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About a decade ago, as I was about to fall asleep, a sudden vision appeared in the dark behind my closed eyes. I then observed a grey spectral face ghosting towards me before vanishing. Over the following moments, several more passed my vision. Since then, the event continued each night. Fear of the spectres has never been an issue. In truth, I would feel strange if they stopped. These faces frequently exhibit a high degree of anxiety and concern. Thankfully, I have not recognised a single one. To explain the unusual phenomenon.


 I began writing in 2021 Over this period; I had forty-two realistic dreams that followed a sequential pattern. As I slept, I witnessed the unfolding of explanations about the soul, NDE, the afterlife, immortality, and more. To this day, I still can't explain why! The work exposed me to a world that I never could have imagined. Do I hold a belief in the events? My answer has to be this. I would, with all of my heart, choose to live in the world the novel foretells.

                                                     Beyond the Light.

Through a long lineage of evolution, Bran Cranson develops extraordinary sensory abilities that enable him to gain control over the subconscious and sleep dimensions. His travel through the tunnel of light, seen in near-death experiences, and his subsequent transcendence, provides answers to questions that have baffled humankind from the beginning. This knowledge leads to a conflict against maleficence, religious ideology, and global power players. That leaves us to ask the question…

Is humanity ready for the truth?

Woodrow McKane.

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