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Some facts about writing the novel.


  • Initially, all I had was the first opening sequence and the last sentence  - just had to fill in the rest.

  • At best my spelling is average and my brain fills in words making me an awful proof reader.

  • Eight months to write 165k words.

  • Six months to rewrite after tutelage from David Richardson - reducing the book to 142k words.

  • Three months in the edit. Reducing to 131k words. Out goes four characters and two storylines.

  • Always I would sulk and throw a temper fit when David edited out a section or character - Always he was right :-(.

  • The first time I opened the printed book at a random page I saw a glaring typo :-(.  Annoyed is not the word I would use.

  • The original title was Circles of Vengeance.

  • The fifth refusal of publication was the final straw - I was now determined to publish no matter what.

  • Deleted an entire chapter just before printing without knowing, thankfully spotted it in a quick flick-through before pressing go.


  • Most of my plot threads came into my mind around 3 a.m.

  • I regret not studying harder at school.

  • 'Vanity' publishers are basically money scammers.

  • Some of my dear friends read the book in its first draft, and their honest comments prompted me to plough on.

  • My dearest companion Mack, the black lab, sadly passed away after the book had been completed. I immediately wrote him into the chapters.

  • The building pictured above is the 'actual cabin' in the woods.




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