Three years have passed since MI5’s Jo Tyrell faced the toughest test of her career overseeing the unparalleled Talio/Reed case. During this period she lived in trepidation of the knowledge that the world’s number one hacker, Nathan Reed, is still alive. So when she is appointed to the position of Director General  due to underhand dealing by her predecessor, Jo suspects that Reed has falsified the damning evidence.

     Her question “why?” is soon answered by Reed himself when, by engaging his mythical bio-computer, he reveals how he intends to eliminate the corrupt men within the major conglomerates (Illuminate). Reeds meticulous strategy, without question, is possibly the most audacious ever contrived, but Jo is under no illusions that taking on the Illuminate is tantamount to signing a death wish. Reed however, in exchange for her support, offers the British Government an incentive they cannot refuse. So once again Jo Tyrell begins to negotiate the obstacles set within her clandestine and terrifying world.

     As the case develops Jo realises her relationship with DCI Bud Cusack has become her main priority. When a violent incident involving the Manchester underworld results in a contract on him, her resolve is pushed to the very edge.

     Can the legend that is Jo Tyrell keep her precarious emotions intact or will she revert back to her destructive alter ego of “The Rottweiler” …?



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