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My best pals Loki and Ernie
Forging the mind via the Makiwara

 "A loving family, many dogs, a few nights under the stars, and a handful of close chums are all I require."

                                                                     Woodrow McKane


Life as a professional martial artist has been the key for McKane in achieving every goal he set. Some folk say he's tough, (apart from his wife), but in truth all he ever wanted was to fight himself. When asked why he replied.


'The fight between mind and body is the hardest battle of all. Every day, each and every one of us endure this battle in various guises! Ultimately, if you are the winner, you see life with a clear vision. Having said that, becoming an aspiring writer has been difficult on a scale of 9/10. Why is that? Well, I have an imagination that scares me but I haven't a clue what a sticky sentence is. So a big shout to my editors for correcting my grammar in the hope that the intellectuals out there don’t whip my ass and enjoy the stories I create… 😊'

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