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Copyright 2018 Woodrow McKane

Woodrow McKane, UK born, currently semi-retired after selling a business occupying twenty of his fifty-nine years. A martial arts instructor and outdoors kinda guy. A renowned teller of tall tales and convivial company around a campfire with a warm jug of mulled wine. Most certainly a pal to all dogs.

Since running swiftly from the final school bell with just an English O level clasped in his fist (far too early according to his parents) he has been fed and watered by the successes of his own ideas, projects and self belief. Placing aside the list of daily household chores provided by a loving wife he finally found the time to put pen to paper. With inspirations drawn from his life experiences and a desire to explore a hint of Piscean creativity his first novel ‘Slayers of the Dark Web’ has been penned.


McKane is now hard at work on ‘The Slayers II’ which is due for release Dec 2019. Then he begins work on a chilling novel called “Behind the Light”,  a story McKane guarantees will make the reader seriously consider never sleeping again!   

Woodrow McKane is the pen name of Pete Woodrow McDowell.

Woodrow McKane - Author